Re: Mass killings

Rick Knight (
Mon, 15 Sep 97 09:54:10 CST

Frank Mcelligott stated (to Eliezer):

Son, I know you just turned 18, but it is time for you to grow up. If
you used those words in most of the bars in this country, you would be
still picking up your teeth from the floor.

Rick Knight:

I wish not to pick a fight here but this is the kind of counsel, were
I to have received it at 18 that would've really made me all the more
indignant. There is something unconsciously patronizing about calling
someone "Son" even though the writer may have meant endearment. And I
think as far as locales and exercising of discretion, it's rather moot
to relocate this situation to a place where people have a tendency to
behave dysfunctionally when in fact, we are contributing ideas (and
feelings) to an intellectual digest. I think this "advice" was
reactive and you may want to look at your actual motives for posting

Arjen Kamphuis then wrote:

I would like to make a point that the holocaust was not the first, not
the last act of genocide that was perpetrated on our little planet.
Just the best organized and documented one.

<list of atrocities thru the ages>

Rick Knight adds:

I watched a documentary about women and witchcraft through the Middle
Ages up to the beginning of the Renaissance. It is *estimated* that
some 9 million women were put to death during the European and
American witchhunts to stamp on wicca and pagan memes in favor of the
patriarchal institution of Roman Catholicism (I shant call it
Christianity if only to make the distinction).