RE: Solutions (Was Extropians (Protestants in disguise?)

Rick Knight (
Mon, 15 Sep 97 10:17:19 CST

Arjen Kamphuis made the suggestion:

Could we maybe, sort-of turn all the political threads into
problem-solving-oriented discussions?

Rick Knight adds:

Eliezer, in the more lucid parts of a recent post, also encouraged
solution-based thinking. I concur. At a certain point, process
becomes tedious. I think many of us have had a good opportunity to
vent our frustrations, state our anxiety and see how it occurs for
others. Like most humans, I love a good drama but it's possible to
intellectually gnash out the semantics indefinitely with no definitive
action in place.

Meanwhile, someone has to figure out how to plug the hole in the boat
that's sinking.

Often, to the credit of those posting on this list, solutions are
offered up but they are back-burnered (or overlooked) for the sake of
the soapboxes being set up <G>. Sounds like Congress a little...