Free Markets

Rick Knight (
13 Sep 97 21:32:24 CST

QueenMuse (inaccurately attributed to Lee DanielCrocker):

If one lacks the necessary tools to survive in that culture ( and by
your description they will) then Evolution will be as unkind today as
it is on our homeless little brothers in the streets..

That was me, _not him _ I seriously doubt he would call a street
person "brother".

Lee Daniel Crocker noted:

Thanks for correcting the misattribution, and you're right: I'd never
call another adult "little brother"--I have a lot more respect for
humanity than that.

Rick Knight adds:

I'm honestly not trying to nitpick here but is that because you regard
a little brother as someone with less intelligence, experience,
compassion, contributed worth, To me, "little brother" is a term of
endearment even though I have a younger brother to whom I'm not
endeared. I go one step further...the person on the street is ME.