Re: Free Markets

Rick Knight (
Mon, 15 Sep 97 10:03:18 CST

And I...EvMick...the the ultimate "street person" ...I
live on the streets.. and Interstates...and back roads...but ...unlike
the beggars you elevate though...I work for a living...and resent you
using that term...

Rick Knight:

At the risk of igniting a personal melodrama, I must inquire as to
what you actually resent: "brother" or "homeless" or "street person"
and why you feel cause to hold resentment when the subject didn't
reference that of truckers who "work", "contribute" or otherwise
provide an agreed upon "service" to the community at large.

If you have a satellite link with a laptop with you on the road, I
presume you have sleeping quarters in your rig unless you jack in
through your hotel room phone. I presume you have money (which you
earn for the service you provide) to stop at a truck stop (or anywhere
else) and feed yourself. I presume you presume upon no one for any
handouts. I presume you are not cold, wet, disoriented by mental
illness or drugs you've injected into your veins or snorted up your
nose. Given those presumptions, I would agree that you are the
*ultimate* street person <G>.

Therefore, respectfully, I ask what point are you trying to make in
stating resentment?