Re: Extropian Views

E. Shaun Russell (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 22:22:07 -0700

Holly wrote:
>Despite anything Ayn Rand has said, no one, not even myself, has said
>you are *obligated*, but the fact that you would spend so much time
>emphasizing that you have *NO* obligation says something about yourself.
>I will be sure not to accuse you of being human either.

Basic objectivism is great as a core value to any
addition, I agree with everything Perry said about having no obligations to
anyone but himself. However, a lot of Rand's more "advanced" thoughts on
objectivism tend to look rather narrow-minded and restricted: this is where
the 'human' part fits in. If one values basic objectivist core values,
there is a tremendous amount of potential for human growth *on top* of
those values. As long as one can freely acknowledge his reasons for doing
things and the fact that he has *no* limitations or obligations except
those he wishes to adhere to, there is no end of fertile ground --emotional
or moral-- to build upon. That is why a lot of people began to live
extropian is a logical outcome to want to culminate our
potential as individuals and as a society; without this objectivist core,
I'm sure that many of us wouldn't be talking on such a list.

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