Re: Election Fraud???

Abraham Moses Genen (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:51:42 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
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Subject: Election Fraud
Date: Friday, September 12, 1997 11:23 AM

Welll...well ...well....loookky here..

A Stolen Election?
Don't stop probe of Sanchez-Dornan race

San Diego Union-Tribune (a Copely Newspaper)
Editorial Page 9/4/97

House Republicans and Democrats alike acknowledge that fraudulent
votes were cast in last November's Orange County congressional race
pitting nine-term Republican Bob Dornan against Democratic challenger
Loretta Sanchez. Yet, Democratic lawmakers are threatening to disrupt
daily business in the House unless an investigation of the
Dornan-Sanchez contest is halted immediately.

Now what was said earlier about "just vote them out of
responsibility"....or some such..


Dear fellow Extropians:

Despite our friend EvMicks usual cynicism it must be remembered that the
vast majority of election are fair and honest. It is a rare exception when
there is so much tampering with the voting machines or the ballot box that
an election has to be done over.
In this situation -- and being more than slightly familiar with Mr.
Dornan's past antics -- I suspect that he is spending an inordinate amount
of time inventing a nice juicy conspiracy theory. He will, no doubt, be
aided and abeted by his friends on the extreme right wing of the
Republican Party and a scandal hungry media.

Don't take it too seriously.