Re: Post Extropianism: (Was Free Markets: Extro-Nazi's, etc
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 19:03:02 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Holly Pearson wrote:

> Lee Daniel Crocker: Evolution is not "kind" or "unkind"; it is
> nothing more than a mathematical consequence of a certain set of initial
> conditions: replication, mutation, competition. Far better to understand and
> make use of an existing effectthan to try to fight it. You might as
> well try fighting pi.
> Me: What a defeatist attitude for an extropian. Fuck Pi! If I have
> to struggle for billions of years with String Theory or wormhole physics
> to beat pi, I will!

If *you* can survive that long without evovling, I'll be impressed. If
*you* beat pi while your at it, I, or more likely whatever being
descends from me, will bake you a cake! 8->

> Accept *NO* Limits!!

*Limit* does not refer directly to object or action X that can't be
achieved obtained, but to the *inability* to do or obtain X. That
inability is part of the identity of whoever wants X. To overcome a limit
is synonymous with overcoming inability. To overcome an
inability/limit to get X, one must change something about her/his
identity. I'll skip the exposition on evolution, but changing one's
identity to overcome some obstacle sounds a lot like "adaptation" as the
word is used with regards to evolution. I hope someone will comment if my
understanding evolution is flawed.

Michael Bowling