Re: Election Fraud???
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 09:12:17 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Despite our friend EvMicks usual cynicism it must be remembered that the
vast majority of election are fair and honest. It is a rare exception when
there is so much tampering with the voting machines or the ballot box that
an election has to be done over.>>

Naturally...I figured that would be the case...and since one election is of
no importance...I would be foolish to mention the fifteen or twenty I won't.

In this situation -- and being more than slightly familiar with Mr.
Dornan's past antics -- I suspect that he is spending an inordinate amount
of time inventing a nice juicy conspiracy theory. >>

Nevermind that he has documented all his claims

<He will, no doubt, be
aided and abeted by his friends on the extreme right wing of the
Republican Party and a scandal hungry media.>

Actually...the spineless Republicans are distancing themselves from him...and
the media is doing it's best to ignor the whole it is with
numerous other situations with the administration...the Arkansas State
Trooper...The media campaign felonies...Al Gore's

<<Don't take it too seriously. >>

Naw...course not...if you did...then George Washington's quote might come to

"Government is like fire...a valuable servant...but a terrible master".