Re: Kidney-nappers

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 20:11:55 -0200

At 13:33 08/09/97 -0400, Hagbard Celine wrote:
>Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
>> 1) Why is it that only about 20% of the population caries a document that
>> allow doctors to use their organs in case of sudden death, while over 90%
>> of the population wishes to receive donororgans if it can save (=extend)
>> their life.
>MYTH: Document saying "Organ Donor" equals "Maybe we should best let
>this one die."
>A lot of people I know buy into this one.
>My reasons for not volunteering?
>Why would I want to decrease my chances of post-cryonic reanimation by
>giving away my vitals?

Really... Completely right... But is our "frozing option" freely permitted
and adopted by law????
Indeed, if we die tomorrow, I suppose that just will live better the

Ah, and about cryogeny : it is the better warranty against the ignorance of
the great majority of our "brothers" of the present intellectual age...
Only God to forgiving them... (as I'm an atheist.... hehehe)