Re: Kidney-nappers

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 20:39:42 -0200

At 14:01 09/09/97 +0200, den Otter wrote:

>You could also kidnap poor folks, check their health and bloodgroup
>(throw the sick ones away), and keep them locked up with good wholesome
>food to eat and enough exercise etc, and when you find a
>customer, you select the closest match from your collection and harvest
>the organ(s) of choice. Ideally you could time it so that as many organs
>as possible can be sold from one person (for example the liver, kidneys
>and heart), although this is unlikely. The rest could be used for other
>purposes, like dog food. If your clients are rich and desperate enough,
>this *might* be a profitable business ;))

I really laughed.... that's funny... and very lucrative...( I say this
'cause I know you're kidding...)
But, being a little luciferian (I found this in my "New Michaellis"
dictionary, just knew it in portuguese and archaic latin... hehehe) :
wouldn't you buy some hearts or kidneys and keep them on your freezer, just
for guarantee... ???
Of course it was a joke, but why not each person having a pretty and frozen
heart of a dead dear friend in a hired organs bank's shelf, just waiting
for the day......>>> Ans: Because of Global Ignorance (~= Religion <with
death...> ) ... What about a "Post Modern Anti Inquisition", with torches
and all, burning some religious...(of course, taking off their good organs,
before ... the brains, if found, may let to burn, nor even like dog food
they are useful... hehe) ? <just joking, for not crying..> Note: I'm not
even considering cryogeny... it's very modern...