Re: Kidney-nappers
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 22:21:14 -0400 (EDT)

I EvMick writes:

These people are murderers....pre-meditated murders. In my opinion it
is no difference than if they outright killed their victims on the
scene. The only difference is the "torture factor".....they not only
murder their victims they impose physiological and psychological
torture on them in their remaining period of life....because their
victims health will go into immediated decline...

Rick Knight responds:

Is this an example of an unrestrained market or has an "excess" been

To which I reply.

This has nothing to do with a Free Market. The essence of Free Market
Economics is Freedom....(Duh...I wonner why they call it THAT?)...Individual which Theft, Slavery, Torture and Murder are Anathema.

Not being callous, but am attempting to make a point that what is
*important* and irrelevent to one person can be emotionally rivoting
to the other (the tobacco industry is a trigger for me since its
products subdued both my parents).

To which I reply.

I've had friends die in Auto Accidents....should we ban Cars?

Unless you can demonstrate that your parents were forced to inhale the
noxious fumes of demon weed..(How Long was the literature available? Do YOU
beleive everything an Advertiser says?).then I say it was their
choice...(kinda obvious?)..a BAD choice...but sometimes people make bad
decesions...and suffer because of it.

Being free is means you have to be responsible for your own
actions. And benifit or suffer because of them.

You make good choices you might be another Bill Gates.

You make bad might die.

Call it "Evolution in Action"

Mariana Fl.

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