staying subscribed

Sarah Marr (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 00:01:52 +0100

Thank you for your posts and letters about this issue, which have helped me
get over the extreme embarrassment and self-hatred which overwhelmed me
when I was so recently what we in the anthropological world call 'a big
jerk'. (It's a phrase from the inidigenous population of the Polynesian
Islands, I believe.)

Coincidentally I will have to unsubscribe for a few days over the next
fortnight, because I'm moving to the US for eight months, and will have a
period of being unable to collect email. But apart from that, I shall keep
reading and posting.

Besides, I have to stay around because I need someone to explain to me why
extreme space-time curvature within the event horizon of a black hole
should lead to the tearing apart of a body of matter, when, within the
reference frame of that body, space-time is not distorted, since it cannot
be considered in relation to any other version of otherwise distorted
space-time. And similar things. Like, why does the temperature of my shower
always change from perfect to boiling or freezing the moment I step under it?


B e a u t y i s o n l y s i n d e e p.