Re: Kidney-nappers

Anders Sandberg (
09 Sep 1997 15:20:58 +0200

"den Otter" <> writes:

> You could also kidnap poor folks, check their health and bloodgroup
> (throw the sick ones away), and keep them locked up with good wholesome
> food to eat and enough exercise etc, and when you find a
> customer, you select the closest match from your collection and harvest
> the organ(s) of choice. Ideally you could time it so that as many organs
> as possible can be sold from one person (for example the liver, kidneys
> and heart), although this is unlikely. The rest could be used for other
> purposes, like dog food. If your clients are rich and desperate enough,
> this *might* be a profitable business ;))

The "Hansel & Gretchen" method? ;-) Of course, this assumes that there
are enough desperate clients needing organs to pay for this very
expensive and dangerous form of criminality (kidnapping, health checks,
keeping the victims hidden and healthy etc sounds like quite expensive
and hard things to do; it is very easy to mess things up, and then
the whole operation will come tumbling down). While organ theft is
in principle possible, it doesn't appear to be *practical*. The only
exception might be the Chinese use of executed prisoners as donors
(although this may be more a matter of perspective and personal ethics;
a pro-capital punishment statist could argue that it is reasonable).

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