Re: RAW's "Thought for the Week"

Anders Sandberg (
09 Sep 1997 15:33:10 +0200

Arjen Kamphuis <> writes:

> I'm no psychologist but in my experience (personal, first-hand,
> no_urban_legends_here) some individuals keep on fighting all the way and
> others just curl-up and accept their mortality.

Yes, this is both interesting and important. It suggests that in
order to survive the accidents we will doubtless get into during our
hopefully extended lives, we should cultivate not just an appreciation
of life but a burning desire to live. It might be a lifesaver.

> All this shows (to me anyway) how much more we have to learn about the
> interaction between basic bodyfunctions and the 'mind' (as in: the
> informationprocessing that happens in the brain).

Very true. I'm myself interested in how the immune system interacts
with the mind, a research subject which is gradually taking shape.
There is anecdotal evidence that lymphocytes can link up to synapses,
nobody knows what to make of it.

> I can imagine that ceasing to exist could be acceptable if you feel you
> have lived a full life, if you are content with your accomplishments (not
> that I expext to be content soon, but somebody might be).

As I see it, one should accept death, but one should not seek it
or allow it to happen involuntarily if one has better things to do
(i.e. almost everything). The big problem is involuntary death
and to a small extent the present bias of ending one's life when
one really is content with it.

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