Re: Kidney-nappers

den Otter (
Tue, 9 Sep 1997 14:01:18 +0200

> Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
> > is this not 'merely' a matter of having a large & varied supply, and
> > ability for storage? (How long can you store a kidney?)
> That's the problem, and why there can't be a large and varied supply. I
> think the kidney can be stored for on the order of 36 hours (if anyone
> references and/or corrections to this please add them). In any case,
> an extremely short period of time. That's why organ vitrification is so
> important... it opens up the real possibility organ *banking*.
You could also kidnap poor folks, check their health and bloodgroup
(throw the sick ones away), and keep them locked up with good wholesome
food to eat and enough exercise etc, and when you find a
customer, you select the closest match from your collection and harvest
the organ(s) of choice. Ideally you could time it so that as many organs
as possible can be sold from one person (for example the liver, kidneys
and heart), although this is unlikely. The rest could be used for other
purposes, like dog food. If your clients are rich and desperate enough,
this *might* be a profitable business ;))