Re: Creativity Machine Patented

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 19:52:31 +0000

On 3 Sep 97 at 11:19, Anders Sandberg <> wrote
about "Re: Creativity Machine Patented":

> Hmm, what models of the brain are you talking about? All the models
> I have seen in my work as a computational neuroscientist tends to

Dear Anders,

As a computational neuroscientist do you think it could be possible
to "reinstall" the brain configuration of an individual in another
artificial (complete) brain ????
And such "second" individual would be exactly equal to the first,
from the moment of such configuration to back in the past... After
that, each individual would follow diferent paths and would be
different, isn't it ???



Prof. Gomes

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