Re: META: Crop Circles, etc.

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 16:44:23 -0700 (PDT)

Dan Clemmensen Wrote:
> Sagan was very active founding member of CSICOP. These are scientific
> skeptics. In addtion to the Sysiphyan taks of debunking
> they also publish scolarly research in the area of belief and its
> psychology. I strongly urge you to read "the Demon-haunted world.",
> which has quite a bit to say about crop circles. You may also wish to
> join CSICOP and thereby receive their magazine, "Skeptical Inquirer",
> which reports on these issues.

Here I go again, taking the somewhat unpopular position on this list
-- that CSICOP is not scientific. The scientific method consists of
*objectively* examining evidence for its validity or falsity. CSICOP
in all the years I have followed them, has yet to *scientifically*
investigate anything. If they are so scientific, why do they go so
far out of their way to disprove anything that does not fit into their
dogma of fundamentalist materialism rather than objectively examine
for what it is?

Paul Hughes
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