Re: bullies (was:extropian kids)

Kathryn Aegis (
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 20:32:36 +0000

Anton Sherwood:
>Kathryn Aegis:
>: Again, I am sorry for your bad experiences as a child, and I think
>: that most of us can share the same type of story. I do not, however,
>: equate that experience with general childhood disputes.

>Can it be separated from them?

Definitely the skill bases to deal with both levels of confrontation
overlap, and a child more skilled in basic assertiveness and
negotiation may deal more effectively with a bully. I used to do
trainings in peacekeeping skills, and many persons (including myself)
have been able to apply those skills in dangerous or threatening

I wouldn't claim that you can always bargain your way
out of every bad situation, but my original point didn't require me
to claim that. There is a vast difference between ordinary
socialization into cultural dispute resolution mechanisms and facing
a gang attack. If anything, the gang members and bullies are the ones
who missed out on part of that socialization process, and they don't feel
subject to school authority anyway, as evidenced by their blatant
behavior. I would not agree that they are produced by the school
environment as part of some "submission to authority" process--their
problems were probably formed in the home environment.

Kathryn Aegis