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After carefully reading EvMick's questionable commentaries on government
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Subject: Re: Government's war against itself???
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 1997 3:17 PM

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   "There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has
is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough
criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that
it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws."

-- Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged"



Mr Retired Government "Civil"Servant (my yeaaaaaars of government an earlier post, he ADMITS (no shame...didn't scuff his foot..turn his head..or NOthing when he said it.) to having participated in the crafting of thouands of pieces of <restrictive..bydefinition> regulations....

> I'm familiar with "Vote Scam" and numerous other books critical of one > aspect of government or another. When push comes to shove

To which I insert (the gubment is usually doing the pushing and shoving...the indian tribes...the civil war...and little minor episodes such as Ruby Ridge and Waco. Or how about the "viper militia" in Phoenix Az...bunch of fat ole Viet Viets who got their jollies by going out in desert and making boom-boom...reliving times past when the guvment ruint their adolescence.... they were infiltrated by "agent provactuer" of Clinton Administration who set 'em one of them is facing jail-time. (jury folded...Judge INSTRUCTED them to...well you figure it out...but fully informed jury...or questions of constitutionality...or jury nullification....were specifically forbidden)

Mr. Civil Servant continues: >however, the system - with all its flaws - usually works until ignorant ideologues

To which I reply

But I can't be an ideologue...the gubment says that I'm "apathetic"..(along with about 150 million others) ..and as for's hard to find out things when the leftt-wing controlled media only selectively reports what fits it's agenda..but I try... I knew about "Vote Scam" , as well as how a Seat for the house in Louisiana was stolen by the Bob Dornan's seat, the house of Reps from California ,was stolen by the liberal (voter early,vote often! We'll even fill in the ballot for you if you no savy english)... ..and in times past how one such example in Pennsylvania was so Blatant that the election was the immigration and naturalization scoundrels rushed thru several MILLION new applicants...just in time for the election...never bothering to perform a background check...which they were required to do BY Law...thus letting thousands of felons into our country...and how LBJ managed the grave yard votes...and how in Chicago under Mayor Daley....but you get the probably know more about it than I do.....from experience...first hand....I'm ignorant.

Mr. Civil Servant said: >with nothing better to do tear it down.

To which I reply

You're right.. I'm a Viet Nam vet..Ten years indentured servitude in the Air Force. ..six years of that overseas.. I currently work 80-100 hrs per week...get home to see my family maybe every other month...get half my paycheck stolen by the government (in one of it's many benevolent minstrations cause everything that I buy to cost ten times what it would otherwise...yeah...nothing better to do.

Mr. Civil Servant Continues

> It would be nice if we spent more time trying to improve the system > instead of just trying to beat it to death.

To which I reply:

So what...exactly ...would constitute "improving' the system? Voting? Voting is like feels good for a little while but has no long term effect.. Meek submission to the yoke? "Yasss Massa...I be glaaaaaadd to do dat Massssa.!! " Evidently identification of error and abuse constitutes "beating it to death"...

<by the way...did you read my post about the deputies in texas in search of those nasty drug lords... breaking into the wrong house...sexually abusing the two women..psychologically abusing their daughter....we sure NEED 100, 000 more cops don't the Philanderer in Chief said?>

But doesn't that directly contravene the admonitions of Jefferson? Remember him...dead white guy...said something about when a government got too obnoxious that it was the DUTY of its citizenry to replace it. (uh...him and his buddies felt the need to throw off the yoke of the most powerful government on earth at the time...for abuses FAR less and taxation FAR less than we currently endure today)

To which YakWax replied Wouldn't the government be perfect if we just got rid of all those obnoxious citizens? >>

To which I add my nickel's worth.

Other governments have had that thought...Hitler(a government) got rid of several million Jews (and other ethnic groups)...Stalin(a government) made Hitler look like a piker..starved a whole nation to death (The Ukraine)...Pol Pot(a government) killed a few million just a decade or so ago (which Mr. Civil Servant's government vehemently denied until recently)..

In fact governments cause more death an destruction... by accident...among their own citizenry...than the worst criminal ever DREAMT of in his most blatant delusion of granduer...(how many did Jeffry Daumer kill? that to _ How many black men died of the Syphillis experiments? How many unsuspecting hospital patients died in the Plutonium experiments? How many innocent soldiers near the Trinity Site at White Sands died from radiation induced cancer from being ordered to line up..face "thataway" and have a nuke blown up in their face?)

And now with the advent of nanotechnology...and the goo hue dilema...consider Mr. Civil Servant's remarks...and wonder ... Do we REAAAAALLY want nanotech to be a government monoply? (pick a government...any government...even a world government)

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