Re: CO2 driven global warming
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 22:50:23 -0400 (EDT)

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> So you don't think Marshall Savage's scheme to use OTECs to raise
> lots of spirulina and dump some of it (with the attendant carbon)
> to the ocean bottom will help?

Will this not risk the creation of dead sea bottoms as aerobic decay
processes consume all the available oxygen, creating a layer of
hydrogen-sulphide laden water (which kills most aerobic lifeforms)? >>

I seem to recall several things that might impact upon this:

1. OTEC's work best when the tempeture differential is greatest....the
location that best fits this is deep-sea equatorial waters...the sea floor
waters many thousands of feet down are barely above freezing...the surface is
equatorially hot. (was in Yuma the other day...was 115 degrees...and Yuma is
still a ways north of the equator)

2. The deep sea equatorial waters are deserts...that is they have no
life in them except near land (shallows)...due to lack of nutrients and lack
of oxygen in the water...(????maybe...I dunno)

3. If 1. and 2. are true then the problem would not arise I wouldn't

As an aside...what's holding back OTEC production of Hydrogen and "The
Hydrogen Economy"?...It would seem to be an absolute end to any question of
an "energy shortage" well as continued carbon dioxide emission into the
atmosphere .(CO2 driven global warming)...and a host of other solutions to
present day problems.(food shortage...)and relatively speaking..wouldn't cost
much to implement. (replace IC engines with Hydrogen Fuel cells..transport
hydrogen overland via gas pipelines...etc)..or are they really problems? Or
just excuses for new taxes and restrictive legislation?

When (if) we do go to a hydrogen economy with hydrogen from deep-sea OTECs
being shipped to civilization via Hydrogen Tankers...(multi-ton cyronic
surface-effect Ram-wings I would think....100+ mph...burn Hydrogen for fuel to reach any ocean or river port in a few days..(thereby accessible
to vast pecentage of worlds population) enough to avoid storms....I
want the job of driving about LONG DISTANCE trucking!!!!!!! (and
no Bears...)

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