Re: CO2 driven global warming
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 01:07:46 -0400 (EDT)

In another venue I've noticed that there's to be a Statist's convention
(Kyoto Japan I think) in which our masters are going to decide to impose a
"Carbon" tax upon us to prevent that massive and all prevailing warming. All because they think that the earth currently has
20 or so per cent more CO two in it's amosphere than it did in the past...and
we all know...don't we.. that CO2 causes the horrible "green house" effect...
<<< no attention to that man behind the

They're even rigging (this is new?) the numbers to make sure it
happens...i.e. leaving out any indication that there is other than unanimity
regarding a consensus.

Now the way I understand was experessed earlier I beleive by another
list member.....

For all of the past discoverable history....or at least the last half
milllion years or so...the earth has experienced ice ages which last for a
hundred or so thousand years...with about ten thousand years of warmer
weather between....

All of civilization and most of pre-history (as far as homo-sap is
concerned)...i.e. the last ten thousand years...has been in a warm other words ....were due .

I also recall that around the dawn of the industrial revolution it started to
get cooler...a lot cooler...such that it was called a "Mini" Ice age in some
quarters...also Greenland,when discovered, wasn't called green because of
the color of it's snow...

Now suppose...just suppose ,Ma Nature was getting ready to cool of
fTerra-not-so -Firma about 200 yrs ago or there -abouts...but that irrascible
ingrate...homo-sap just happened to start causing lots of addittional CO2
(and other gases) to infiltrate the heretofore pristine atmosphere
(Volcanoes...fumoroles...geysers...they're all they don't
count)...and as a consequence...delayed the onset of the scheduled Ice Age.

Wouldn't it be a kick? Our loveable lords and masters...bless their greedy
little intent on filching some more cash so they can feed their
various "Pork"...cause a global catastrophe...exactly the opposite of what
they are professing.

(note...this is not new...politicians NORMALLY do exactly the opposite of
what they say...just hasn't had global consequences until now)

Anders...better called up Mr. Gomes...maybe he's got a room to rent.