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Thu, 21 Aug 1997 22:50:47 -0400 (EDT)

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> Saw this on CNN "Factoids":
> Six countries currently execute children (people
> under the age of 18):
> Iran
> Iraq
> Bangladesh
> Pakistan
> Nigeria (?)
I wonder if this has anything to do with another subject I'm currently
following...Since you mention that it comes from CNN rather than a credible
source.....I suspect that it does.

The American Society of Newspaper Editors launched a project to
learn why they are losing public trust. Some know that liberal
bias is the problem, but more disparage that thought


'Journalism Credibility Project'
may be the industry's most serious effort at large-scale
ombudsmanship. Over the next three years, the society will spend
more than $1 million trying to find out why people don't love and
trust newspapers anymore.

"The society's President, Sandra Mims Rowe, editor of The
(Portland) Oregonian, became convinced of journalism's credibility
problem 'because of negative poll after negative poll coming out'
and 'the amount of negative press in the press about the press.'...
"During the project, the editors will do some predictable..........."



Here's a guess on my part.....the USA was added to that list of countries
because the news media hates the US...

Why does the news media hate the US? Because it represents freedom and
individual associating the US with countries which are opposed
to that view the idea of individual rights and freedom is diminished. And
Statism gains ground....

Now I don't hold strongly to this sounds too much like a
conspiricy...and why invest in a conspiricy when pure ole stupidity will
explain it just as well? And the news media have demonstrated that in
addittion to being lazy and liberal they are very much reading
any science or technology (or anything that you can corroborate for that
matter...i.e. trucking) article in the general press will demonstrate.

The general public ain't buying's backfiring...the newsmedia is
loosing credibulity instead. Which is interesting to me since the news media
lost all credibulity with me 20 or more years ago during the Veet-Naam war,
and has never regained it.. Does that make prescient?

Then again....when listing the USA maybe they were referring to the 3million
or so unborn children who are executed every year.?.....nawwwwwww..

Houston Tx.