Extropy in the personal sphere

den Otter (otter@globalxs.nl)
Thu, 7 Aug 1997 11:25:04 +0200

Hagbard Celine wrote:

>What changes in your personal lifestyle have you taken to increase
>the amount of extropy therein (changes = mental, physical, social,

--I preferably drink only (fizzy) mineral water.
--use of food supplements, currently green barley leaf extract ("Green
Magma"), at least once a day, taken during meal. Gives better general
condition after a month or so, and (supposedly) helps with stomach ulcers.
--various natural immune boosters, currently "cat's claw" (plant) extract.
--various anti-oxidants, memory enhancers, garlic pills etc.
--exercise on HealthRider TM, on "universal" fitness machine
and pushups etc (*if* the energy and determination are present).
--use of carnitine pills for increased ("natural") muscle growth
(alledgedly also good for brain function). This works great, recommended
(the rest too, btw).
--going for walks or bike trips.

--learning to browse the web more efficiently (trough trial and error)
--seeking out possibly enlightened groups.
--trying to keep up to date with (technological) developments (I watch
Discovery Channel a lot, visit talkboards, read popular-scientific mags

--[having used] cannabis for recreational purposes and (both strong
temporary, and mild permanent) sensory enhancement (all senses).
I feel I can enjoy music, food, my whole environment etc. better since my
"pot treatment" (one year of intense everyday use). If you didn't get high
yet, you really should sometime soon. A good "trip" is [to me] the best
experience one can get with this body and mind. You've never tasted such
devine food, heard such angelic music (any music will do, but I prefer
techno/trance), felt such universal happiness...
HIGHLY recommended! Mushrooms can be great too, but are imo
a bit less reliable, though never really unpleasant. I've had one really
good trip with mushrooms (took them on 7 occasions or so).
Non-smokers can use vaporizers or can eat the pot (after treatment).

--having have made arrangements for cryonic suspension (just in case).

[P.s: I am a lot less energetic than I may sound here]