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Hagbard Celine (
Thu, 07 Aug 1997 02:35:22 -0400

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:
> About Ms. Hagbard's:

Even if you were acting upon R.A.W.'s Hagbard, you's be wrong with "Ms."
What does "Ms." mean to you?

> For me, in personal, are not just the ideas "per se" on the list,
> that principally improve myself.

This is the extropians mailing list. There are many people on this list
who espouse extropianism as a personal philosophy affecting their
day-to-day existence -- I, for one.

> See what I mean: The ideas here
> exposed and developped are a consequence of the very good and
> developped intelectual "cyber" companies to talk the list
> provides... individually and in group.

I personally feel that the "ideas here exposed and developed" are
meritorious in and of themselves. You and I and others talk about them
because they *are* good ideas. They are not good ideas merely because we
talk about them. Tell me if I'm misreading you.

> (It functions like a
> ressonator or a chain-reaction knowledge chamber...) and the list
> definition topics are in very good agreement with this...

If you are here for enlightened debate on "list definition topics," then
so be it. My question was to those who are living what they personally
consider to be an extropian lifestyle -- in the most pragmatic sense of
the word. What have you done with Idea X? What extropy have you brought
to your own existence with Idea Y? I hope this makes my inquiry a bit
more clear. The technological breakthrough that provides a concrete
stepping stone to immortality is still forthcoming. Unfortunately, I am
in the wrong field to help speed it along. However, until it occurs
(singularity, Dan?), extropy is still a pursuable goal -- as yet,
unreachable in its entirety -- but something I want, even if in small

> (I have already entered in a disc. list - which I will not mention
> the name... - which was intended to be of philosophy but was
> full of religious and believers, some of them with not even
> philosophical (and questionable) minds... Imagine now an atheist and
> objective scientist (and masterate level teacher, so with no fear to
> talk about certain subjects...hehehe) in the discussions: I felt
> myself the own Hell's King ... hehehe... but very stressant...Know
> you (if already don't..) that, worse than Hell of Ignorance is that
> of those who "do not want to know...")

Okay, nice, but totally, 100% unresponsive to the question I posed, and
the question you responded to. IMHO, a waste of bandwidth.

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