Re: A Braid of Several Threads
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 15:35:35 -0400 (EDT)

EvMick wrote:

> << If they really
> are on to something, it would be easy for them to produce some
> dramatic effect showing that significant energy is produced ("do this
> and the lab explodes") that would convince even the sceptics. >>
> According to Arthur C. Clarke it's for real. I beleive he said that there
> are working devices (hot water heaters) in use by the thousand in the
> Soviet Union. I also heard that there was a widely publicized demo on one
> the morning TV shows.

I remember seeing it, but I don't remember where. They said something like
"Cold Fusion is possible in a laboratory environment but is too costly to be
used a power source".

> Don't know myself...but from where I stand it appears as plausible as the
> explanations I've read concerning Quantum Mechanics. (Everitt
> universes...heh..heh)

..or maybe that was just one of the many possible events that could of
happened and somehow my mind accessed a parellel universe...blah blah blah.

> They didn't cover that in Truck Driving School...or I missed that day...or
> wouldn't have beleived them anyway since it was run by the gubment and I
> mistrust EVERYTHING they say.

Actually, the government is feeding you mis-misinformation, everything they
tell you is true because they know you wont believe it.