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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 16:55:20 +0000

Dear Sherwood,

I will, one day, reach the end of your mail.
But then I'll take another advantadge of it, requiring a
pos-graduation in Political Sciences too...(hehe)

Just joking. They are really unquestionably interesting citatons...

I'm also involved, here in Brazil, with some political regional
agreements that deal with nuclear subjects in Latin America.
I understand the position of the governments...
( Nevertheless we also know that if certain
things are not said, the tendency of some minds (and politics..) is
the classic "accomodated and comfortable" positionment (contrary to
evolutive one...), sometimes in accordance to majority, which
do not always necessarily know what is really better for
them or other people... Principally about subjects related to
Science and Technology... For example, they are still "running like
pigs from a gun" [Lennon-McCartney] about clones... And the
particular positionments of the governments are being observed (and
locally judged) by those who really understand of such
subjects... (Is the government being inteligently satisfactory ?
The same government that can prohibit genetical experiences
with humans could, as nobody else, conduct them with security and
a *really* global and political discernment ... and admirable
authority...) But it is never unsuable to remember that
(democratic) governments are always our friends, avoiding so
desperate acts like Fermi's or Oppenheimer's, f. ex. They
didn't have a globally correct political behaviour... and did
wrong... Although were great scientists...

Prof. Gomes

Prof. Gomes

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