A Braid of Several Threads

Sun, 27 Jul 1997 17:57:51 -0400 (EDT)

Sometimes I have to drive far into the night....if not all night. When I do
I listen to the Radio...notably Art Bell. Many of his shows have a very high
"giggle factor"...but some are thought provoking. For example one night he
interviewed the dude from "Nanothinc" I forget his name... concerning
nanotechnology.(that interview was still available via archived "real audio"
last I looked.)

The other night I heard an extended interview with (Thread One:Roswell)
retired Colonel Carauso. The interview was conducted with great care. The
Colonel's credentials were presented and corrorborated by multiple
sources...every contension was supported in great detail. The upshot of it
was that since the 50's alien technology has been infused into our
industry...hence Lasers, Night Vision, MicroChips, fiber optics, etc. etc.
were derived. The funny little aliens are actually "biots" (Arthur C. Clarke
term..RAMA series...Caruso didn't use it but I felt it appropriate) and the
US military has been at "war" with them for decades.

Later I heard an interview with (Thread Two: Mars) Richard Hoagland. It too
was carefully presented. There were multiple supporters to validate the
concepts as they were presented...all had impressive
credentials...exNASA.....a geologist...an electronics/acoustics expert... a
telemetry expert...I think about 4 or 5 in all. Once again everything was
nailed down tight...repeatedly. (The upshot being that somehow the Egyptian
Pyramids, all other ancient earthly pyramids and the Martian "Ruins" were all
connected...that Sojurner is investigating Martian ruins right now...that is
the "Twin Peaks" mentioned in a NASA breifing...which are actually Martian
Arcologies..one of which was badly damaged ,..both of which were mostly
buried by sediments from the flood which caused the floodplain where the
rover landed.

Rating Scientists(Thread Three)

Bobby Whalen wrote:
> Extropy--0---1---2---3---4---5---6---7---8---9---10---->
> Science
> |
> 1
> 2 Jeremy Rifkin
> 3 R.A. Wilson
> 4 CSICOP Flieshman & Pons
> 5 Hal Puthoff
> 6 Andrew Weil
> 7 Edward Teller Carl Sagan
> 8 Freeman Dyson
> 9 Albert Einstein/S. Hawking

So where would these two (actually three or four...pyramids..two different
flavors of aliens..UFO's..) ideas and the people who present them...fit on
this chart? And why?

Keeping in mind that :
all the participants are "experts" in their respective fields...that
is they have oodles of credentials, awards, and experience. How is
one expert to beleived and another one not? Why or why not is one Ph.d more
credible than another.

anything the government says is not to be trusted...the government
being a pathological liar...( examples being:the challenger disaster, flight
800, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Campaign Finance, The Kennedy Assasination...Plutonium
injections...Syphiliss Experiments....the extent and danger of fallout from
above ground nuclear testing in the 60s....."non existent "troops in
Laos..the betrayal of Geronimo....ad nauseum...the list is probably infinite.

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