Re: Doing our bit
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 14:26:27 -0400 (EDT)

Rick Knight wrote:

[snip - me (Wax) talking about a chat show, quote woman]

> "We don't need to be out on the streets helping these kids, we need
> be in our homes praying for their souls"
> The audience clapped and cheered. There's you problem.
> Rick Knight adds:
> I don't even have to say "consider the source." Whoops, I said it.

I had just finished writing up my unified theory, turned the television on
and there it was (honest!)

> Yes it is a problem and one worth clarifying. Devoting energy
> myopically to traditional methods of focused intention (meditation,
> prayer) and not considering what physical actions to be taken is
> the problem is. Simple imbalance. If this same woman was hungry,
> would she pray to be satiated by her higher power or would she go and

> fix herself something to eat?

Judging by the woman, she has no problem feeding herself. However, before
she eats the food she would no doubt thank god. Just as so many people
"thank god for being alive" instead of the surgeon.

> Me thinks the woman's comments, however lauded by the
> audience were not about genuine concern for the welfare of these kids

> but yet another opportunity to grandstand about her belief system and

> her perceived superiority within it.

I have oftened wondered why the belief that everything good is God's work and
everything bad is your own doing leads to a feeling of superiority. There's
some weird psychology going on in the heads of these people. Unfortunately
for us, they represent a large majority which holds us back. It's a real
shame to see potential computing power go to waste!