Doing our bit

Rick Knight (
Mon, 28 Jul 97 10:43:37 CST

Wax wrote:

<snip>...there was a chat show on a couple of days ago. They were
talking about the problems with child crime on the streets, a couple
of people were discussing the need to get kids 'off the streets', and
then a woman in the audience stood up and said:

"We don't need to be out on the streets helping these kids, we need to
be in our homes praying for their souls"

The audience clapped and cheered. There's you problem.

Rick Knight adds:

I don't even have to say "consider the source." Whoops, I said it.

Yes it is a problem and one worth clarifying. Devoting energy
myopically to traditional methods of focused intention (meditation,
prayer) and not considering what physical actions to be taken is where
the problem is. Simple imbalance. If this same woman was hungry,
would she pray to be satiated by her higher power or would she go and
fix herself something to eat?

Paraphrasing Peter Gabriel (I just heard this this weekend):

"From the people come the dream, from the dream comes the vision, from
the vision comes the change."

Me thinks the woman's comments, however lauded by the likely-simpleton
audience were not about genuine concern for the welfare of these kids
but yet another opportunity to grandstand about her belief system and
her perceived superiority within it.