Re: Queer Politics, Extropian Politics [Was: Sex Change]

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Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:18:05 +0100

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>The political philosopher (still the best theorist and critic of
>totalitarianism I've ever read) Hannah Arendt said in an interview that
>"If one is attacked as a Jew one must defend oneself as a Jew. Not as a
>German, not as a world-citizen, not as an upholder of the rights of Man,
>or whatever..." Her point was that antisemitism (like racism, like
>sexism, like heterosexism, or what have you) can too easily exist in
>societies that imagine themselves staunch defenders of these more
>general conceptions. The problem is that certain kinds of people, for
>lots of mostly contingent historical and sociocultural reasons, come to
>be thought of as less-than-properly-human and the smooth function of
>regimes of civility based on respect for rights crank along quite
>cheerfully even when these less-than-properly-human humans are treated
>unfairly (or sometimes even genocidally).


Enjoyed your post, but on the other side, pace Arendt, isn't defending
yourself as the despised group giving sanction to the (usually essentially
collectivist and anti-individual) group definition used by the abusers?

Well, at least this is something to be careful of.

Guru George