Re: Psychedelic 'Dimensions'

Hara Ra (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:44:55 -0700 (danny) wrote:
> People have been doing psychedelics for millenia, I'm no spokes person for
> psychedelics, but the experience proves itself.

No. The experience may be very convincing, and have no scientific basis.

> The most dominant things
> that I find about psychedelics is that it can give you an experience of the
> deepest, most mystical, most profound feeling of love and understanding there
> is.

Yes, feeling. "feeling understanding" is an oxymoron. Understanding is
knowledge until it is verified.

> It can also be very adventurous, soaring to the deepest canals of the
> mind. Positive energy is the key to life, and psychedelics, especially
> mushrooms, teach it.

Positive experience is fun, and likely to be useful personally and in
one's social relations. I don't know if it is teachable.

> It jusy makes so much sense that they are the cause of
> our growth out of monkeys and our access into language and a higher
> intelligence.

Obviously a "truly felt understanding". Where's the PROOF?

> The mushroom experience has a big impact into our language
> using abilities.

So does enough alcohol or a sharp blow to the head. Yes, shroomspeak is
more fun....

> We only use 10-15% percent of our brains,

Doubtful. Evolution doesn't work that way. We just only understand about
of our brain's functioning, and that very poorly.

> and I think this
> is because we have lost our connection to the source that brought it to us
> originally.
Every way I look at the above I get absurdity or mementic self serving
for example:

Brains work best with mushrooms
We don't eat mushrooms
Our brains hardly work at all....


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