Re: Psychedelic 'Dimensions'

Hagbard Celine (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 12:09:04 -0400

Hara Ra wrote:
> (danny) wrote:
> > The most dominant things
> > that I find about psychedelics is that it can give you an experience of the
> > deepest, most mystical, most profound feeling of love and understanding there
> > is.
> Yes, feeling. "feeling understanding" is an oxymoron. Understanding is
> not
> knowledge until it is verified.

I think Danny's saying that psychadelics make you feel loved and

[Hagbard's eyebrow raises]

This suggests to me that the people who would be most attracted to
psychedelics would be those who are, in reality (whatever that may be),
uncared for and misunderstood. I really don't see how even a truckload
of fungi can help these people. For hours at a time they tread water in
a sea of love and understanding, and never have to bother understanding
what it is that makes them outcasts. Not exactly personal evolution --
and if widespread use becomes common -- not exactly an impetus for
societal evolution.