Re: IRS regulations in business

Hara Ra (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:22:27 -0700

Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Bureaucrats do not shift their positions to accomodate the needs of
> the community. They change things to accomodate THEIR needs, which are
> usually diametrically opposed to those of the surrounding
> community. Business is becoming more regulated every day, not less,
> and I've seen no evidence of business regulation generally evolving to
> meet anyone's needs except for the need of government bureaucracies to
> grow and increase their own funding.

And the little ecology of parasitical businesses. I had a fire in my
garage. The insurance people are only going to pay 85% of the repair
costs, if I use their contractor. I went to the planning office. Now I
have a 5 page form with a checklist of 50 things REQUIRED just to submit
a plan! The paperwork is harder than the job itself! I will have to hire
an expert to deal with these 50 items or this will never get done.
Sample item: "all floor, wall, ceiling & roof framing with size and
spacing of members (show compliance with table 25-Q (UBC) Nailing
Schedule)". So, another $600 just to create the plan, $700 to file it,
no guarantee of approval.

With 30 days for approval at best, 3 weeks to get documents ready, I may
have to wait through the winter to fix the goddamn roof.

Conclusion: Building codes are not Extropian.

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