Re: Extropian Lurker Gets New 'Puter!Joins the fray...
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:30:53 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Anyway, it is a screamer! 233 MMX, a 100 meg Zip drive, 24 speed CD rom,
MB SyncDram (How is this different than regular RAM, I wonder?), a 56K
and an astonishing 6.5 GIG hard drive. And a 17 inch moniter with seamlessly
integrated speakers!

I want you tech freaks to drool a bit, if you don't mind:)

I think I have more computing power than a government could have afforded
perhaps 25 years ago...maybe 35...

I'm drooling ...I truely am...does it come in a LapTop?

As an aside...during the Mid-70's I was a crypto-weenie at Offut AFB near
Omaha Ne. (Awful AFB near Omigod Ne.) SAC Headquarters at the time (Peace is
Our Profession...War is just a Hobby)...down in the underground was a marvel
of state of the art computing powwer....a room about the size of a basketball
court...Airconditioned of course...with row upon row of Winchester disk
drives (30/30...) each being about the size of a household dishwasher (the
mechanical one) all of them together had less memory I imagine than I have
in my laptop...and I only have 1.2 gig.


Roswell NM