Extropian Lurker Gets New 'Puter!Joins the fray...

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Tue, 22 Jul 97 10:09:51 CST

Hi Rudi,

Daytona sounds nice. (I am from Tampa originally now in SF and was
there only once). First time I was ever hit on by another guy. He
called himself "Peaches". Brrrrr...no wonder it took me another 12
years to decide! <G>\

Anyway, I really appreciate your enthusiasm. It is indeed an
extraordinary time in human existence and barring tremendous
interference by the narrow-minded, traditional horders, we could be
well on our way to singularity in no time!

Speaking of psylocibin, someone told me they are not illegal in
Florida (and since it's tropical and you have lots of COWS), they grow
rather plentifully. Myth or fact? NOt that I'll go poking around in
the pastures. Those brahman bulls are pretty territorial critters.