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Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:01:55 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: What was fast is now slow...

Dear Sarah, etc.

Yes, I am on the leading edge of technology...

....For maybe 20 minutes or so..:)

But I intend to enjoy it while it lasts...

And the 233 is definately better than the DX4 100 mgh....

Re: Negriponti... and "Being Digital". I usually read the book. This was a
tape I listened to, probably expurgated, that was read enthusiastically by
one of my favorite Athiest/ Skeptics Penn Jillette.

The book/tape is not trying to be as cutting edge as Drexler, IMHO.

More along the lines of Bill Gates' "The Road Ahead" without quite as much
clarity of thought and details.

In another thread, I just finished "WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A LIBERTARIAN, A
Personal View" by Charles Murray.

Wonderful, clear thinking, well expressed fundamentals of personal
responsibility and freedom.
This is the guy that wrote the controversial "The Bell Curve", which I have
and intend to wade thru and skim. It is about 2 cm thick, and I am trying to
average 3 books a week and still have a life and become a millionaire, so I
have learned the art of skimming.

Anyway, thanks for your congrats on my 'Puter, named C3PO by my wife. I
can't wait for the voice interface module that must be on the horizon!

I did see a IBM/ Microsoft product that was only $50 that claimed you could
speak and have the machine type your words. ANYONE HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH

Warmest Regards to all,

Rudi ( I need to develop a more creative screen name... this happens to be my
*real* one!)