Re: Key Breakthrough in Human History (see p. 16)
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<< Artificial wombs would have many positive benefits, for sure, but I
> worry that infants raised in them might be mentally disturbed by the
> lack of typical womb-like sounds and sensations, and also the
> and 'feedback' or 'communication' between mother and child in-womb (e.g.
> infant shifts position, mother shifts position, stuff like that).

That ought to be noticeable in the sheep that are brought up this way
(it is very unlikely basal stuff like this would be restricted only
to humans; mammals in general have some clever ways of ensuring the
mother-child bond and emotional development). If it really is
important with a more natural artificial womb the lambs ought to show
averse emotional reactions when brought up.

Science Fiction referent: The works of Louis McMaster Bujold...she has done
some thinking on the subject...she calls them "Uterine Replicators"

and then the classical dark side on the subject...Brave New World by Huxely.

Roswell New Mexico...