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At 09:09 AM 7/17/97 +0100, Sarah Marr wrote:

>Which may be all very well for certain people, and for temporary
>modifications, but given the severity and irreversibility of the operation
>we are discussing, and the fact that many people asking for it have other
>psychological problems, it doesn't seem inappropriate for the medical
>profession to act as 'gatekeepers'.

Because of current available information, programs and news (such as the one
I mentioned) which focus on sex change and the deep psychological problems
of the individuals who underwent it only to find out later in life, I think
that more attention will be paid to who makes the choice. Unfortunately our
parents are making that choice in our early lives (they sign the papers) in
tandy with the medical profession. Parents who are not well informed will be
looking towards doctors for advice.

> Perhaps this a moral issue which will
>have to be faced in an individual basis for each possible modification as
>the technology we so-often discuss becomes available; but right now I think
>it important that somebody take responsibility for making sure that this
>particular, major, and undeniably medical, decision is not taken
>mistakenly: and who better than the medical profession to do that?

The medical profession in a broad sense. It must include psychologists,
especially those well educated in gender changes and social issues.

>answer may come back, 'The individual concerned', but many such people are
>not be in a suitable mental state to take such a decision: why should the
>medical profession throw out its duty of patient care in these cases?

According to the doctrine of the medical profession they should not.

I wonder if a child's sex might be left alone until he/she decides which way
to go, or both ways, or no way. We will see a mosaic of sex-types in the
coming years. This will only become a bigger issue.

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