Re: Sex Change
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 10:45:02 -0400 (EDT)

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she said:
> ...given the severity and irreversibility of the [sex change] operation
> we are discussing, and the fact that many people asking for it have other
> psychological problems, it doesn't seem inappropriate for the medical
> profession to act as 'gatekeepers'... [to ensure that this]
> particular, major, and undeniably medical, decision is not taken
> mistakenly: and who better than the medical profession to do that? The
> answer may come back, 'The individual concerned', but many such people are
> not be in a suitable mental state to take such a decision: why should the
> medical profession throw out its duty of patient care in these cases?

Then he said:

>If a person is mentally competent to engage in ordinary contracts, can
hold a job, make decisions such concerning sexual relations, other
medical procedures, and other important aspects of life, then any law
or professional "standard" that interferes with that individual's
decision is repugnant to individual sovereignty.

He said it better than I couldl...I was thinking that it was odd for such an
opinion to emanate from a Libertarian group such as the Extropian Mailing
List. I can imagine what the Anarchists among us must be thinking.

I figure we can't have it both ways...either a socialist "Father knows best"
or ......."Because I'm the Mommy!!!" type of society....which will
eventually collapse upon itself absent war (in which case it will most likely
be conqured since decesion making is so difficult)....or an uneasy collection
of individuals who profit when they guess right....and suffer when they guess

So my feelings are that if someone wants to do something horrible to
himself....such as saturated fats....listen to country tv...or engage in some novel surgical procedure...then who is
to tell him no? Of course if he doesn't like the results brought about by
such actions....oh well....

He can serve as an example to others as to why such a course of action should
not be taken.