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Thu, 17 Jul 1997 07:52:12 -0500

At 02:25 PM 7/17/97 +0100, Mark Grant wrote:
>Guru George ( wrote:
>>Check it out. He's a good writer, and he is coherent - he doesn't
>>babble, and he really makes an effort to be clear and precise. If he's
>>mad he's mad in a really interesting way, not a boring way like the
>>usual flake.
>I spent some time on his mailing list last year; he seems like a loon to
>me, or at least to loudly ignore any evidence against his theories (the
>few people who openly questioned the theories on the list soon gave up and
>left). In fact the general list philosophy seemed to be taking 'intution'
>over evidence and ranting against scientists.

He is very involved in the Los Angeles spirituality community. I'm not
saying this is good or bad. It is merely a fact. Much of what he says I
respect, he is fluid and writes in a comely manner. Although he is listed
as an associated on the masthead of spiritual organizations, I have yet to
hear of him in more pragmatic future-oriented organizations. If I am
incorrect, enlighten me.

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