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Natasha V. More (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 08:18:24 -0500

At 01:47 AM 7/17/97 -0700, Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

>Any doctor who dared to presume such a "responsibility" on my behalf
>I would fire on the spot.

I think the original case at issue was of a small baby who, unfortunately,
does not have the wherewithal of "responsibility."

>It is truly disheartening how many people mystify fields like
>medicine and law, treating their practitioners as something other
>than laborers no different from carpenters and plumbers, (snip)
>Why should I tolerate
>the same arrogance from a doctor or lawyer?

You shouldn't! I certainly don't. Yet, it takes time to learn about a
medical problem I have, to research it and get multiple opinions. Same with
law. In order to understand the jargon, I need to study law to a degree in
order to understand the negotiations of the contracts. I did study law to
at least get some kind of certification. Otherwise, I would be at a loss.
Although I might be willing to take the extra time and effort to do this,
not everyone is. And, even with this, my experience is limited and I would
appear weak in light of a serious negotiation.

I would rather spend the time to find a smart carpenter who will make the
structure I want, rather than do it myself because I don't want to -;)

As for being a *thinking* person and making decisions, no one can or should
make them for me but me. I'm not sure of the protocol, but I think that in
order to have a sex change operation, one needs to have psychological
evaluations. I have never done this, obviously, so I don't know what it is
about. It does concern me because I don't know how libertarian the tests
are. I would venture to say that it would be advantageous to know because
the tests probably determine if a person can have the sex change to change

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