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<< I can't help being amused by all of This UFO bussines. >>

Me too. But puzzeled too.

Fact there are approximately 1.7 gazillion reported UFO sightings.....the
gov. is trying it's best to downplay UFO's...even to the point of a Project
BlueBook and the Condon (?) report.....and we ALLLLL trust the guv...don't

You are exactly right about traversing the universe in such small
fact traversing the universe at all....It's a BIG place....and I know of
nothing that supports serious FTL generation ships are the only

So...I have a theory...put forth for your examination.


Quantum I understand it when an electron changes
"shells"...i.e. either gains or looses energy and movoes from one energy
shell to another does so without crossing the intervening
space....just disappears and then reappears. In some quarters the "Many
Worlds" scenario is discussed with a straight face.

Dark i understand it there is about 10 times less observable
matter than would be expected from celestial mechanics calculation.

The speed limit of light appears inviolate.

Super-String I understand it....presupposes more dimensions than
the garden variety 3 that we are used to...4 if you consider time a

Outrageous Speculation:
High energy particle physicist John Cramer wrote a book....TWISTOR.... in
which he speculates that the matter is there...but in a different
(diminsion? don't like that term...but lack anything else) not interacting
with the multitude of other dimensions (he speculates 7) by any means other
than gravitational attraction.

This opens up a number of possibilities....which I can't go into right
now....gotta go.

EvMick....leaving Knoxville.