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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 20:08:10 -0400

Mark Grant wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Max M wrote:
> > But I would think that any civilization that could traverse the universe
> > in something as small as one of the proposed UFO's they would probably
> > be in such a state of development that they would have reached some kind
> > of singularity, or at least have developed nanotechnology.
> But when folks made up the Roswell story back in the forties no-one had
> even thought of nanotech so they based it around 40s technology instead.
> I wouldn't be surprised if fifty years from now people think that UFOs
> built with nanotech was a really funny idea.

What was that? The reports of temporal dilation, unknown materials
technology, and no discernable power source are all evidently beyond
40's technology.

There have been accounts by scientists who claimed to have inspected
materials at Wright-Patt that the metals were nanoassembled, and that
the bodies DNA had less than 10% of the amount of genetic info that
humans have, indicating possible genetic engineering.

> Mark
> P.S. There have been some very good Roswell debunkings posted to
> alt.alien.visitors lately. There is basically no first-hand evidence of
> any of the major claims, and certainly nothing which can't be explained by
> the Mogul surveillance balloon theory.

Uh, Col. Corso, who just came out with a book, was on the recovery crew,
supposedly, and was with the Joint Cheifs of Staff as well, so the claim
of no first hand accounts is bogus. Of course, once all the alleged
witnesses are dead, it will be easy to say, "well there are no first
hand accounts, so its a fake". Marcel, Brazel, and the local funeral
director (who delivered child sized coffins) have all made first hand

Also, the Mogul balloon theory would fit thescattered materials found at
the Brazel ranch, if the materials technology problem was not there.
Additionally, vets who worked on that project said that balloon
materials were not classified, as they were pretty basic stuff, only the
purpose of the project was classfied. If this was so, why were the
materials shipped on a priority flight to Wright-Patt under guard? This
is a known fact that the GAO's report did disclose. THis incongruity in
security statuses rings bells in this veterans mind.

Also, the Mogul theory does not fit the first hand reports of intact,
damaged wreckage being recovered at another site closer to Roswell, the
recovery of which by military personnell was witnessed by a number of
people on a geological or archaeological expedition, several of whom
have given first hand accounts.

Personally, I don't know. I do know of the things I saw when I was in
the Air Force that I still can't talk about. Given that all of the stars
in our region of the galaxy are relatively the same age, I would give it
a 50% chance that we've been visited in the past or will be visited
within the next 100 years. The fact that we put out as much radio energy
as a small star should ring some bells in some radio observatories on
other planets when the c sphere reaches them. I think that most of the
unexplained UFO sightings today are classified aircraft projects,
something which I am involved in tracking with a private group I work
with. I also think that most of the hysteria in the public these days is
purposely generated disinformation put out by governments seeking to
create a PR cover for their covert activites. This is something I was on
the other side of once, so I know that this is true.

I think that the surest sign that the occupants of UFOs are intelligent
is the fact that they pointedly refuse to be interviewed by our press...

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