Re: first line of defense

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 22:53:11 MDT

James Rogers wrote:

> Actually, a .30-06 semi-auto is probably just about right for those stuck in
> Kalifornia. Cheap, capable ammunition for shooting down an unarmored
> aircraft. Naturally, you better be damn sure what you are doing if you try
> such a thing; you'd hate to find out that you just shot down a Department of
> Agriculture plane spraying for med flies again.

Will they still do this, under wartime conditions? Could we not
contact the DoA and implore them not to panic the proletariat
in this way, and risk a tragedy from said panicked proles?

> The hard part is learning to shoot down an aircraft with a rifle, since
> you'll never hit it if you aim at it even if it is headed directly at you.

I assume one would lead the target similar to the way one leads
a bird when hunting with a shotgun. Of course, the muzzle velocity
of a 30.06 is probably about twice that of Mr. Twelve Gauge,
but the target is farther away. Im estimating the muzzle velocity
of a 30.06 at about 600 meters per second, and a crop duster
up to no good would be about that altitude or less, so estimate
its velocity at about 50 meters per second and lead the target
by about that much.

I figure unpracticed proles would have about a one in 200 chance
of a hit per shot, and of the hits one in 10 would be one that has
a chance of ending the terrorist's fun. So a few hundred proles
in a burb the size of this one with 10 round magazines should be
sufficient to bring it down before the Air Force arrives. spike

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