Re: first line of defense

From: James Rogers (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 20:30:40 MDT

On 9/29/01 6:58 PM, "Spike Jones" <> wrote:
> Suppose some yahoo is seen flying low over the burbs spraying
> something. One would have to assume he is a terrorist hoping
> to do some houris that night. F16s would be scrambled, but in
> the mean time, the first line of defense would be proles with
> hunting rifles. I figure the simplest possible attack would be
> some kind of poison gas. To make such a thing effective,
> would not the terrorist need to fly low enough to be
> vulnerable to small arms fire?

Poison gas works best when done low to the ground, *well* within the
effective range of any decent rifle.

> Nowthen, if I am ready to go down to the local sporting
> goods store to look at hunting rifles specifically to help this
> young man meet his houris, what would you recommend?
> Thirty aught six semiauto? spike

Actually, a .30-06 semi-auto is probably just about right for those stuck in
Kalifornia. Cheap, capable ammunition for shooting down an unarmored
aircraft. Naturally, you better be damn sure what you are doing if you try
such a thing; you'd hate to find out that you just shot down a Department of
Agriculture plane spraying for med flies again.

The hard part is learning to shoot down an aircraft with a rifle, since
you'll never hit it if you aim at it even if it is headed directly at you.
It isn't exactly like you can practice, but you will discover that the
easy-to-find basic infantry manual that all U.S. soldiers are issued (and
which can be picked up cheap at used bookstores and gun shows) gives
explicit instructions on how to shoot at low flying aircraft from different
aspects. It wouldn't be easy, but better than nothing.

-James Rogers

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