Re: first line of defense

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 22:31:53 MDT

Aircraft are one issue that is long overdue for review, visual flight rules
over populated areas are asking for an accident, and they do happen too often.

One very noticeable result is the quiet in my area. There aren't jets
stacked up all over the place and the rotary wing aircraft are gone.

Most of the residents have gotten sick of the noise from rotary wing
aircraft, especially the sightseeing helicopters which buzz the houses so
tourists might catch a peek of some celebrities sunbathing in the nude. The
terrorist attack has done more than all of the homeowner groups in the last
20 years have done to return some quiet to the city.

Requiring all aircraft to file flight plans and limiting non essential
flights over residential areas is in my view not a bad idea.

There is obviously a place for public safety (fire and police) helicopters.
Do we really need each TV station to have several aircraft in the air for
each car chase or evening traffic report?


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