religious singularity?

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 13:43:54 MDT

"John Clark" <> wrote in another thread:

> "Very well, you can use our airspace because I believe in the long run it will help Islam".
> You say "No, you're quite wrong! If this war is successful it will increase the probability
> the Singularity will happen and that will destroy Islam utterly."
> Wise move?

Remember the scene in _Illuminatus!_ where the new recruits are given
(via timed drugs) a look into paradise? (The ones who think it's real
are admitted into the order of assassins. The ones who suspect the truth
are admitted into the illuminati.)

You wanna singularity? How 'bout this: make paradise. paradise as a
virtual reality construct into which your mind is uploaded at the moment
of death. have a religion where many basic human desires are forbidden
or restricted but are sinless and plentiful in cyberparadise. forbid the
use of cyberparadise among the living, you must die in the physical
world in the cause of the faith for admittance. restrict other
technologies till the cyberparadise is ready. keep your people
downtrodden. then give them a glimse. it's the afterlife, and it's 100%
real. maybe it's not a singularity, but it sounds like a force that
could sweep the universe.



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