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Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Jacques Du Pasquier wrote:
> >
> > Second, there are 4 main reasons for which the US are aimed : support
> > for Israel, presence in Saudi (sacred home land of islam), general
> > world domination, and cultural influence.
> >
> I see no really good reason for a continuing large force in
> Saudi Arabia. It doesn't provide significant enough detterrent
> relative to our ability to quickly move in forces when necessary
> for the level of action present imho. And it costs an arm and a
> leg financially as well as in good will of the people in the
> region.

I entirely agree. We need to just off Saddam (offer a $20 million reward
for him dead or alive). Do that and we should be able to pull our forces

One reason we are there also serves our support for Israel: so long as
it is US flying the planes there, Sauds have no reason to buy fighter
planes which they might use against Israel.

As for world domination, I don't recall the last time we occupied a
foreign nation and annexed it..... something others seem to do with

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