Re: ballistic subterranean trains

From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 15:01:58 MDT

> Hal wrote:
> > And for long distances, the problem is the necessary tunneling depth.
> > A train from NY to LA would be over 250 miles deep at the center.
> > The deepest hole which has ever been dug was less than 10 miles
> > deep, and that was a massive effort drilling straight down.

Why would you have to go this deep? How much propulsion power could you
get in a shallow vacuum tube with maglev? BTW, Robert Goddard took out a
patent on such a vacuum tube across the USA. I think he expected to get
space speeds out of it. Also, Goddard's 50 year time-sealed ms. "The
Ultimate Migration" is released now I gather. Has anyone read it?


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