Re: CANCER: Okay, so I got it and then smiled.

From: Max More (
Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 14:22:05 MDT

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I just saw Natasha's note. It was a relief to find out a few days ago that
she was (so-far) cancer-free. However, the price of cancer-freedom is
eternal vigilance. This kind of cancer does have a high return rate.

As Natasha mentioned, she found frighteningly large blood clots immediately
before going in to start her Extro-5 presentation. (If anyone wondered what
I was doing in the Ladies room, now you know.) I was amazed at her
fortitude in going ahead and doing the presentation in such a way that no
one would know that anything was awry.

Natasha has continued to show great courage and resiliency in the face of a
disease that I know she had long feared getting, due to previous work with
carcinogenic chemicals. Although her Kronos Clinic tests show no toxic
metals now in her system, the damage was done long before. I will be at her
side, monitoring this and fighting off any recurrence until, we hope,
cancer will soon become a minor, easily-treatable health problem.

My admiration for and love of Natasha has only increased during this time.
I'm proud to be married to her.

Let me take this opportunity to urge all of you, especially those who
aren't as young as they once were, to get a check-up, if you haven't had
one recently. The Kronos Clinic program is excellent (and will probably
find heart disease risk factors) but does not yet screen for cancer.

Best wishes to all, and much love to a remarkable woman.


Max More, Ph.D. or
Strategic Philosopher
President, Extropy Institute. <>

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